Cross-Platform Game Development Company

Cross-Platform Game Development Company

Breedcoins offers universal accessibility via mobile devices, expanding your reach to a diverse player base through cross-platform development. Our expert team delivers innovative technology and exceptional game design.

Compendium of our cross-platform game development

Our Cross-platform game development company involves creating games that seamlessly run on various devices, including mobile phones, PCs, and gaming consoles. Instead of crafting distinct games for each platform, developers utilize specialized tools to craft a single game, ensuring it's accessible across all devices. This approach simplifies the gaming experience for players, allowing them to enjoy the same game effortlessly, irrespective of their chosen device.

Cross-Platform Game Development

Our cross-platform Game Services

cross-platform Game Development Services

Cross-platform mobile game development is a well-known concept, and it's exactly as it sounds. We specialize in crafting gaming solutions that seamlessly function across different platforms. With Breedcoins' cross-platform game development services, you can captivate both iOS and Android users equally.

Our adept team leverages code that spans multiple platforms, ensuring a swift and efficient cross-platform game engine implementation. We're dedicated to delivering a seamless user experience on all devices your audience desires. Click to discover the full potential of Breedcoins' Cross-platform game development services and see what we can achieve for you.

Features of cross-platform Game Development

Game development engines

Cross-platform game engines are versatile tools used to create games that run on multiple devices, enhancing accessibility and efficiency.

Version control

Version control in a cross-platform game development company manages and tracks changes to the game's code and assets, ensuring collaboration and stability.

Platform compliance

Platform compliance of our cross-platform game development services ensures that the game adheres to the specific requirements and standards of each target platform.

Components Reuse

Components reuse in cross-platform game development involves using shared code and assets across platforms, reducing development time, and maintaining consistency.

Benefits Of Cross-Platform Game Development Services

Deploy code from any location

Our cross-platform developers can code once and release games on various mobile platforms, like iOS and Android, saving time and money.


Consistency in appearance, experience, and gameplay is maintained across all platforms for our cross-platform games.


Developing a cross-platform game is more efficient compared to separate Android and iOS native games. A single code base adapts it for multiple platforms, saving time and benefiting game production companies.

Influence on the viewers

Expanding compatibility across different devices broadens your audience reach, especially when gamers use PCs, consoles, and mobile devices.

Enhanced profit distribution

Cross-platform mobile games offer superior player retention and revenue potential, as gamers can seamlessly switch between multiple platforms while playing.

Time Efficiency

Developing a game compatible with multiple platforms is a time and effort-saving strategy for long-term benefits.

Cost Reduction

Cross-platform game maintenance proves cost-effective as it eliminates the need for extensive coding on individual platforms, reducing expenses significantly.

Efficient Development Process

For an optimal approach, launch your game across multiple platforms simultaneously rather than starting with a PC version and later adapting it for mobile.

Process Of Our Cross-Platform Game Development

Strategic Preparation and Examination


During this phase, a thorough examination of project needs is conducted, encompassing audience identification, data collection for project planning, and establishment of technical, creative, scope, timeline, and budget requirements.

Idea Formation and Artistry


At this phase, we engage in creative ideation and concept development, crafting game mechanics, characters, levels, and scenarios. The process includes drafting a detailed Game Design Document (GDD) outlining the game's structure, gameplay, characters, and environments.

Gaming Creation


In this phase, we initiate cross-platform game development using the most suitable cross-platform game engine for your project. Our interdisciplinary team collaborates to craft an immersive game, optimizing it for all platforms while ensuring technical compliance and full functionality.

Testing the Game


We perform rigorous testing to eliminate bugs and verify the proper functioning of game mechanics and features. Cross-platform testing guarantees seamless performance. Our quality assurance team guarantees a polished, launch-ready game.

Preparation for Launch


Collaboratively, we formulate a marketing plan, encompassing trailer production, press releases, and social media campaigns to generate excitement for your game. We focus on optimization, performance enhancements, and last-minute bug fixes before the game's launch.

Deploying the Game


During this phase, we assist in the game's multi-platform launch, ensuring it's available for download on all designated platforms. Additionally, we offer post-launch support and ongoing maintenance services.

Revenue Generation


Collaboratively, we devise an optimal monetization plan for your game, be it in-app purchases, ads, or premium pricing. We assist in strategy implementation and offer analytics to gauge monetization model effectiveness.

Popular Cross-Platform Game Engine



Unity, a leading choice for cross-platform and P2E NFT game development offers a user-friendly and secure environment. Once installed, selecting the Unity version and target platform is essential.



Unreal, a potent game engine, incorporates a visual scripting tool for designing game elements across different hardware. For Unreal engine installation, separate SDKs for each platform are required.



CryEngine, another cross-platform game engine, boasts impressive visuals. Achieving cross-platform functionality with CryEngine often involves modifying the code for compatibility across different platforms.

GameMaker Studio

GameMaker Studio

GameMaker Studio, known for its user-friendliness, enables a point-and-click approach to element creation. While not ideal for advanced functionality, it's suitable for blockchain game development.



This open-source game development library offers a versatile API for cross-platform usage, catering to both mobile and web game development. It lacks a GUI, requiring game asset checks via direct access to the environment.



The Godot game engine excels in 2D and Unity 3D game development, featuring built-in nodes, tools, and editors. These elements streamline development, addressing bugs while crafting advanced features.



Solar2D, aka Corona, is a versatile 2D engine simulator, adept at handling diverse resolutions and ratios.



A novel open-source game engine boasts contemporary features, offering users the freedom to employ or customize high-quality tools. It supports multiple engine versions programmed in various languages.

Why pick BreedCoins as your Cross-Platform Game Development company?

Cross-Platform Game Development

BreedCoins stands out for its expertise in creating cross-platform game development games that seamlessly run on multiple platforms, delivering a unique gaming experience.

  • We are a Cost-Efficient Cross-platform game development company
  • Streamlined Maintenance
  • A single codebase simplifies updates, reducing platform-specific work.
  • Customized Offerings
  • BreedCoins tailors solutions to your unique needs.
  • Comprehensive support, including marketing, analytics, and ongoing updates for continued success.
  • A team of skilled artists and animators at BreedCoins ensures top-notch visual and animation quality.
  • Utilization of cutting-edge tech