Zed Run is an innovative blockchain-based online game that combines elements of horse racing and breeding with decentralized finance (DeFi) concepts. It was launched in early 2021, Zed Run quickly gained popularity and has become one of the best web3 gaming. As an NFT-based game, Zed Run offers true ownership of the digital horses to the players. The use of blockchain technology ensures that the ownership and authenticity of horses can be independently verified. In this blog, we will discuss briefly about how to develop a game similar to Zed Run and its benefits.

How to play Zed Run Platform?

Create an Account

Visit the website and click on the Create Account button. Follow the registration process to create your account by providing the necessary information.

Connect the Wallet

Connect a digital wallet to store your tokens and race horses. The game supports wallets such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, etc. Install a compatible wallet extension or mobile app and set it up by creating a new wallet account.

Get Native Tokens

Native tokens are the in-game currency used for purchasing racehorses and participating in races. You’ll need to acquire tokens to get started. Visit a cryptocurrency exchange that supports tokens, such as Binance or KuCoin, and purchase the required tokens.

Browse and Purchase Race horses

Once your wallet is connected, you can browse the marketplace for available racehorses. Each racehorse has unique attributes and characteristics that affect its racing performance. Use your tokens to purchase a racehorse that meets your preferences and budget.

Train and Breed the Race horses

After acquiring a racehorse, you can train and breed them to improve its performance and potentially create more valuable offspring. Training and breeding require a certain amount of time and tokens, so manage and plan accordingly.

Participate in Races

Once you have a trained racehorse, you can enter it into races. There are regular horse races, and you can choose to enter your horse into public or private races with specific criteria. Select a race that suits your horse’s capabilities and enter it to compete against other players’ horses.

Watch and Collect Rewards

During the race, you can watch the live action as the horse competes against others. The outcome is determined by various factors, including the horse’s attributes, training, and racing strategy. If the horse performs well, you can earn rewards in the form of tokens or other in-game rewards.

Trade or Sell Horses

If you decide to explore further, you can also trade or sell your racehorses on the marketplace. Some players might be interested in acquiring the horses for their breeding programs or adding to their collection.

Ways to develop your Platform like Zed Run

Developing an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) game similar to Zed Run can be approached in several ways, including developing from scratch, utilizing white-label solutions, or using clone script methods. Developing an NFT game from scratch involves building the entire game infrastructure and NFT functionality development. This approach requires strong technical expertise in blockchain development, smart contract programming, and game development. White-label solutions provide pre-built frameworks that you can customize to create your own NFT game. These solutions often include pre-built smart contracts, backend infrastructure, and sometimes even game templates. The clone script method involves creating an NFT game by replicating the features and mechanics of an existing successful game. You can reduce development time and costs using the clone script.

What is the Zed run clone script?

A Zed Run clone script refers to a replicated version of the popular blockchain-based game called Zed Run. It offers a digital horse racing platform similar to the existing Zed Run game, where users can buy, breed, and race virtual horses using blockchain technology. Zed Run has proven the concept of virtual horse racing as a successful business model. Using a Zed Run clone script, you can use the existing framework and game mechanics that have been tried and tested. This reduces the risk associated with developing a completely new concept and increases the chances of success.

Salient Features of Zed run clone script

Wallet Integration

Zed Run clone script operates on the blockchain, so users need a crypto wallet like MetaMask wallet to interact with the game. The Zed Run clone platform offers wallet integration options. Users can install the wallet extension for the web browser or set up a new wallet.


Zed Run clone software features a marketplace where players can buy, sell, and trade horses with other participants. The marketplace allows players to interact and establish their pricing for horses based on their perceived value.


Zed Run clone software emphasizes the breeding aspect, allowing players to mate their horses to produce offspring. Breeding is done using smart contracts and the result is that they inherit certain traits from their parents. The breeding system aims to encourage strategic decision-making and the development of unique bloodlines.


Players can enter their horses in races against other players’ horses or computer-controlled opponents. The races are generated algorithmically and take place in a virtual race track environment. The game hosts regular tournaments and races, where players can compete for prizes and recognition. The outcome of the race is determined by a combination of the horse’s attributes and a random element.

Advantages of Zed run clone Software

Revenue Generation

A Zed Run clone script can provide multiple revenue streams. For instance, you can charge transaction fees for horse breeding, buying and selling horses, and participating in races. Additionally, you can introduce in-game purchases for cosmetic items, upgrades, or special events like race entry fees, creating additional monetization opportunities.


Building a game from scratch can be a time-consuming process. Zed Run clone software provides a ready-made framework for game development, reducing the time required for initial development. This allows developers to focus more on customizing the game and adding unique features instead of starting from scratch.

Cost Efficiency

Developing a game from scratch involves significant costs, including hiring a development team, designing assets, and testing the game. Zed Run clone software can reduce these costs as they provide a pre-built foundation that can be customized according to specific requirements. This eliminates the need for extensive coding and asset creation, resulting in cost savings.

Easily Customizable

Zed Run clone software offers customization options. Business owners can customize the game’s branding, visuals, and user interface to align with the business goals and target audience. This flexibility allows creating a unique identity for the game supporting the proven gameplay mechanics of Zed Run.

Cost of Zed run clone script

The cost of developing a Zed Run clone software varies significantly depending on various factors such as the complexity of the game, the number of features, the game mechanism, the platform on which it will be developed, expertise team size, and the specific requirements of the project. The development of Zed Run clone software involves various components, such as game design, programming, artwork, sound design, blockchain integration, smart contract development, server infrastructure, testing, and deployment. The overall budget contribution is based on these components. As a top Metaverse game development company, our experts offer negotiable and budget-friendly costs based on the project requirement.


Web3 games were already attracting considerable attention and a growing user base. This web3 concept has appealed to both gamers and investors, as it introduces new possibilities for ownership, trading, and monetization within the gaming industry. Are you interested in building a game similar to Zed Run, then this is the best time. Breedcoins is the best NFT game development company and We are committed to delivering top-notch game development solutions by combining creativity, technical expertise, and industry best practices. We follow a collaborative approach, working closely with the clients to understand their vision and requirements and translate them into captivating and immersive games. Collaborate with us to obtain a reliable and secure Zed Run clone software today.