NFT Marketplace development has been rapidly growing traction and has emerging throughout the cryptocurrency community. Numerous companies are exploring ways to engage with the NFT world in reaction to this massive expansion. Fazcraze is a cricket-based NFT Sports Marketplace that creates collectibles(NFTs) within the public blockchain. It’s a startup company that partners with cricket players, and organizations including the International Cricket Council(ICC).

The platform allows users to purchase cricket players’ greatest moments as NFTs. Whenever a user buys NFTs, these are automatically those transactions recorded in the blockchain ledger. Users can also buy, sell, and bid on auctions for NFTs on the marketplace. Users can utilize payment methods such as credit cards, UPI, and crypto wallets to purchase NFTs.

How Does FanCraze Clone Script Work?

The Fancraze clone script is a premade and exact copy of the original FanCraze, NFT Sports Marketplace with improved features and functionalities. It allows users to buy, sell, and trade digital cricket collectibles. Users can participate in auctions and earn cryptos or real-world money. It’s designed especially for cricket lovers around the globe.

Premium features of Fancraze Clone Script


The collections of 40,000+ cricket players’ cards and moments like Dhoni’s Six Off Fizz, Gayle’s Double Century, and more can be purchased and traded on the platform.

Real-world utilities

Providing real-world use cases for NFTs, such as events, match tickets, real-world money, and other benefits.

Crypto Wallets

You can purchase NFTs with any type of fiat currency through debit cards, credit cards, UPI, and more. Also, you can integrate top crypto wallets within our fan craze clone script.


It can Show off all top NFT Collections of popular cricket leaders from top-level teams including India, England, Australia, and other cricket teams.

NFT Trading

Flawless purchasing, selling, and trading of popular NFT Cards such as Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Brian Lara, and more.

Group of Collections

Players can create their collections of Cricket player’s NFTs and showcase their collectibles including batters, bowlers, and player cards.

Fancraze Clone App development

We also offer a dedicated mobile app for fan craze and utilize all the features and benefits of fan craze clone script. It involves the latest features that make your NFT sports.

FanCraze Clone App Development

Our crypto Fancraze clone app offers a wide range of functionalities to help users buy, sell, and manage their NFTs. Users can access all the options from anywhere, anytime, and enjoy the benefits of the original Fancraze. We offer robust solutions to both desktops and mobiles. Let us see the salient features of the Fancraze clone app.

Salient Features of the Fancraze Clone App

Defi Operations

Users can lend, borrow, stake, or yield farming their NFTs with the integration of Decentralized Finance( DeFi).

Collectible Auctions

Users can host auctions at regular intervals for valuable and rare NFT Collectibles, building a powerful marketplace where users can bid on unique assets.

Special Benefits

NFT Owners can reward trusty users and collectors with special NFTs, events, real-world rewards, match tickets, and coupon codes.

Chat Feature

Communicate with other cricket lovers and share thoughts, feedback, and ideas around the globe. It will make a healthy and robust community for cricket lovers.

Analytical Panel

Users can analyze the analytics of the current market analysis which includes trading prices and other relevant information for hassle-free trading.

Significant Benefits Of Our FanCraze Clone App

Easy to Use

Our Fancraze Clone App is easy to use and also compatible with major platforms like Android and iOS. There is not much complexity in accessing the app.

Multi-language support

Users can manage the NFT sports Marketplace with multi-language features that can attract users globally. It will make your NFT Marketplace available to all regions around the globe.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our FanCraze Clone App is budget-friendly for the whole development process without compromising the quality of the services.


Our fan craze Clone app is pre-developed and customized the app aligns with client brands and goals. Users can also customize the clone app according to their requirements such as changing the theme color, customizing dashboard options, and more.

Super-Fast Transaction

Users can buy/sell their NFTs in less than one minute to conduct transactions. Also, the gas fee is much less for each transaction.

Instant Deployment

The clone app is pre-made and pretested and there is no need to do much work on the app. It can be deployed to major platforms like Android and iOS within a few days.

Revenue Streams of FanCraze Clone

Transaction Fee

At each NFT Transaction on your NFT Sports Marketplace, you should charge a certain amount of fee, which includes buying, selling, and trading.

Listing Fee

NFT Collectors and Creators list their unique NFTs to gain more views and visibility in the marketplace. Listing fee is applicable for each NFT Listing.

Early Subscription Fee

Owners can Provide early subscription membership fees for users. They will get special benefits including player cards, early access to new NFT releases, reduced transaction fees, and more.

Ad Revenue

Owners can make money from advertising, and display targeted ads on the site. Make sure the advertising is relevant to your user base such as cricket accessories.

Technical stacks involved in our FanCraze Clone Software

Blockchain Frameworks: Ethereum, Multichain, Solana

Programming Languages: Solidity, C++, .NET, Java, Python

Databases: IPFS, MongoDB, Couch DB

Frontend frameworks: Node JS, Docker, WEB3 JS, Angular JS, React

Cloud Partners: AWS, IBM Bluemix

How is Breedcoins the best partner to Create an NFT Sports Marketplace like FanCraze?

At BreedCoins, We are a premier NFT Sports Marketplace Development Company with ample years of experience in the market. Our readymade Fancraze Clone Scripts are the best solutions for creating a cutting-edge NFT sports marketplace.

   1. Our committed developers make world-class development solutions.

   2. We promise to incorporate designs and solutions that improve user engagement.

   3. We deliver the project on time without compromising.

   4. Our developers actively analyze issues and provide technical solutions.